Rust Background

Backgrounds are an important component of a digital scene.  While these photos generally won’t be the focus of the work you are putting together, they are used in the backdrop to help convey the sense of the whole work.

These rusty metal pictures can be used if you are looking for an industrial feel for you web page or school project.  They also are good choices if you are looking for a sense of some decay, or trying to make someone subconsciously think of a well-aged subject.

It’s not difficult to create your own rusty metal object.  While it might take weeks or longer to rust iron or other items if you leave it to nature, you can cut that time down to an hour by following one of the following guides:

Now that we’ve undergone a site redesign, we are in a much better place to update our collections with new pictures, textures, and video on a regular basis.  So if you have a request for a particular digital work, please let us know.  One of our volunteers will take a look and see what they can do to help you out.

You might have another idea in mind of how to use these pictures. That’s great – we like hearing how people use our work.  Remember, these photos are free to use – if you’d like to give us credit we’d certainly appreciate it but it isn’t required.

How to download our stock background photos:

You’ll find our selection of background photos below.  We’ve included them all in a gallery format – you should be able to quickly scan and find any pictures that will work for your creative project.  If you see one you wish to download, click on the picture.  That will bring up the highest resolution image we have available.  Since we’ve been on the web since the late 1990’s, we have photos in ALL different sizes.  There was a time that 640×480 was considered high-definition!Right click on that image, and select “Save Image As…” to download the photo.  Select the folder on your computer you wish to save your image to, and you are done! If you have questions, please let us know.  This site is run as a labor of love, so our response time might be measured in days rather than hours.  But if we can help you with your royalty-free image question, we’ll get back to you at some point.