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Royalty Free Beach and Sand Textures

Maybe you are creating a beach vacation video, and you need a good background for your title screen.  Or maybe you just want to invoke feelings of peace and come that come from trips to the sandy beach.

Whether this describes you, or you want a royalty-free beach texture for another reason – we don’t care.  Take ours, use it as you see fit.  We created this site a long time ago to provide free pictures, textures and videos for all.  Please make something great with our help!

​Beach Facts:

  • Tides and ocean currents can carry sediment a few meters or hundreds of kilometers away. Tides and currents are the chief way beaches are created, altered, and even ruined, as the currents move debris and sediment from 1 spot to another.
  • Beaches also change. Throughout the winter, storm winds throw sand into the air. This can sometimes erode beaches and make sandbars. Sandbars are all narrow, exposed regions of sediment and sand off the beach. Throughout the summer, waves recover sand from sandbars and construct the beach back up again. These seasonal fluctuations cause beaches to be broader and have a gentle incline in the summer, and also be thinner and steeper in winter.
  • Most shore materials will be the products of weathering and erosion. Over many decades, wind and water wear away in the property. The continual act of waves beating against a rocky cliff, by way of instance, can cause some stones to come loose. Huge boulders could be worn town to tiny grains of sand. A beach is a narrow, gently sloping strip of land which lies along the edge of an ocean, lake, or river. Materials like sand, pebbles, stone, and seashell fragments cover shores.
  • Beach substances may travel long distances, transported by wind and waves. As the tide comes in, by way of instance, it deposits ocean sediment. This sediment may include sand, shells, seaweed, even marine organisms like crabs or sea anemones. When the tide goes out, it takes some sediment onto it.
  • Beaches are continuously changing. Tides and weather can alter beaches daily, bringing fresh substances and taking others away.

When we first launched Free Media Goo almost 20 years ago, there weren’t any completely-free-to-use pictures available.  We set about rectifying that.  Some of these pictures are from when we first started out, while others have been added throughout the years.  All of these photos are free to use without attribution – though feel free to cite us if you’d like to.

At some point, we might launch a gallery of photos that are free to use but require attribution.  We’ve resisted doing so to this point because we don’t want to complicate matters for our users, but it does limit the amount of photos we can offer up to you for use.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of royalty-free sources available for sandy, beach textures – but when we find them, we will be sure to link to them.  

How to download our stock background photos:

You’ll find our selection of background photos below.  We’ve included them all in a gallery format – you should be able to quickly scan and find any pictures that will work for your creative project.  If you see one you wish to download, click on the picture.  That will bring up the highest resolution image we have available.  Since we’ve been on the web since the late 1990’s, we have photos in ALL different sizes.  There was a time that 640×480 was considered high-definition, believe it or not.Right click on that image, and select “Save As…” to download the photo.If you have questions, please let us know.  This site is run as a labor of love, so our response time might be measured in days rather than hours.  But if we can help you with your royalty-free image question, we’ll get back to you at some point.