About Us

Why Completely Free Images?

Am I crazy? No, I just like making quality royalty free content available for you. FreeMediaGoo.com was created for creative developers by a semi-creative developer. The mission of the site is to create a means for anyone to gather library of stock images that can be used for free in print, film, TV, Internet - heck, project it onto the moon with a laser for all we care! (That would be cool - if you do the moon thing, please let us know.) You are free to use these images for both commercial and personal use. The content we provide is royalty free. No need to mention us - but if the spirit moves you and you want to tell others about our site, feel free to give us a link somewhere. If not, no biggy.

If you want to sign up for our email list, we'll send out a notification when we post a new royalty free image to the site. Since this is a hobby of mine I'd be really surprised/pleased if I sent out an email more than 2-3x a month, but maybe I'll get laid off and have more time. I must admit, I'm not hoping for it.

Read the Terms of use for more information if you must. Have fun using the images! MAke great things.

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